Application Process

International Applicants

International applicants who are not applying to PPGHIS fellowships will be evaluated by the International Affairs Committee in a separate selection process, with rolling admission deadlines.

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Research Project guidelines

Research projects for the Master’s program are limited to 10 pages, plus bibliography.

Research projects for the Ph.D. program are limited to 15 pages, plus 1 page for abstract and plus bibliography (last item).

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Can s/he advise me?

Every year, faculty decide on a number (maximum) of advisees they are willing to take on. Check here how many new advisees each professor has committed to accept in 2021.

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Annual Application Process

The PPGHIS admission process takes place once a year, for both master’s and doctoral degrees. The Call for Applications can vary significantly from one year to the next, and therefore it is very important to carefully read the details of the Call for Applications in effect that year. It is an extremely elaborate process, which involves the entire faculty of the Program.

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