Governing Committee – Capes/PROEX

The GV/PROEX is composed by at least three members, i.e., the program coordinator, a faculty representative and a student representative, appointed by their peers. At PPGHIS, it is traditionally constituted by former coordinators, the current coordinator, his/her deputy, in addition to the student representative.

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Internationalization Committee

The Internationalization Committee defines and coordinates PPGHIS’s Internationalization Plan. It advises faculty regarding international publishing, promotes the selection process for Study Abroad grants and for PNPD. When requested, it offers support to the Academic Assessment Committee.

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Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee endeavors to reach out for PPGHIS’ alumni and to promote closer connections between them and the Program..

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Budget Committee

It defines the guidelines for expenses for the Program, decides on applications for student aid, and evaluates and approves the financial reports by the Coordination.

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Scholarship Committee

It evaluates students’ performance through annual and semi-annual reports (for scholarship holders), and defines the order of precedence for receiving scholarships for the Coordination. Furthermore, it promotes the selection process for Scholarships based on Socio-Economic Criteria.

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