Planning Committee

It oversees the Program’s activities according to goals of visibility and productivity of its faculty, and by taking into account strategic planning defined by the Coordination (publishing, internationalization, visibility, networking, etc.)

In particular, the committee evaluates requests for support to book publication and event promoting, and issues recommendations to the Program coordinator.

How to apply for support on publishing:

  • Applications:  Faculty should send their requests to the Planning Committee with the appropriate form (available on this site). The application should include information on budget, authors, page number, and how the work benefits PPGHIS, etc.. Send the file in one of the three annual calls, respecting the following deadlines: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 20.
  • The Committee will issue a decision on each application 45 days after receiving the manuscript and the application form.
  • The Criteria: the Committee will select preferably publications that answer the Program’s strategic interests (monographies or edited volumes of good quality, internationalization, nucleation, visibility , networking, etc..) Manuscripts previously approved by funding agencies or prize juries will not be sent to external reviewers.
  • Observation: Any support is contingent on the availability of resources.




Pedro Cardoso (discente)