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International Applicants

International Applicants

International applicants who are not applying to PPGHIS fellowships will be evaluated by the International Affairs Committee in a separate selection process, with rolling admission deadlines.

A. To receive a conditional acceptance letter, which will be confirmed only after the concession of a valid non-PPGHIS fellowship, the applicant must submit to the PPGHIS office the following documentation by email (

  1. A digital copy of the undergraduate diploma;
  2. A digital copy of the undergraduate official transcript, for master applicants. Applicants to the doctoral program must also include a copy of their graduate official transcript;
  3. Curriculum Vitae or Lattes Curriculum;
  4. Research project for both master and doctoral applicants, in the style defined in the PPGHIS website (see guidelines for master and doctoral applicants, in the official call for applications for this year);
  5. Statement of intent declaring the applicant will be available during the period required for completion of the course;
  6. Statement from the candidate identifying potential advisors at PPGHIS;
  7. Two confidential letters of recommendation from qualified professionals (preferably faculty), emailed to the PPGHIS address ( or In the letter, the writer should include information on how and for how long s/he knew the applicant, as well as evaluate the applicant´s academic performance and potential for graduate studies in history. The email should remain confidential and must be dated before the day scheduled for the meeting of the Master or Doctoral Selection Committee.

B. To register in the Program, applicants must first show proof of concession of a valid international fellowship and/or PEC-PG (CAPES) before the deadline for enrollment for the first semester of the academic year.

C. Deadline for online application is August 29th of the current year. Excepcionally applications after this date may be considered, with reasonable justification.

D. The International Affairs Committee will evaluate complete applications until September 30 of the same year, when the results will be announced.

For further information on fellowships and legal requirements, please consult the following site:
Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Pós-Graduação (PEC-PG)

According to the University regulations, the dissertation or thesis may be presented in English or Spanish.