New deadlines for qualifying exams and defenses

In 2020, due to the exceptionality of the pandemic, CEPG suspended for the time being the term limts for the completion of Master’s and Ph.D. courses.

Taking into account the Resolução CEPG nº 03 (April 24th 2020), particularly Article 3º, PPGHIS, in its January 2021 meeting, has approved also exceptional criteria, to balance the extension of terms and the CAPES’ requirements regarding the expected time for course conclusion, which are important for the Program’s evaluation.

Therefore, defenses are reccomended to take place before the end of the current term (September), which represents an extension of circa three months compared to the usual deadlines.

Qualifying exams may be more flexible regarding deadlines.

Research Seminars

We have received several inquiries from students regarding the “Research Seminars” in their transcripts.

“Research Seminars” represent the development of the dissertation/thesis that in fact occurs throughout the time that the student is affiliated to the master’s / doctorate program. They are used to fulfill the credit requirements and will appear every semester. It is not connected to the disciplines actually requested by the student.

Unstable website and SIGA

Since the fire at UFRJ’s headquarters, last week, SIGA, TIC and other UFRJ online services are unreliable, including PPGHIS website. We do not know when the situation will be normalized. In the meanwhile, use email ( and keep checking this mirror website (on construction).


We remind all our students the classes begin on May 4th. The class schedule is already available.

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