Students’ Wellness Committee

The PPGHIS Students’ Wellness Committee is being reformulated into a Student Monitoring Committee

For important channels on mental health, see Manual 1 – Mental Health Support Network, made available by the Institute of Psychiatry and PR-7.

Initially, it proposed to act as an intermediary between a student in a state of healthy vulnerability, be it physical, psychological and/or psychiatric, their advisor and, if applicable, take the decision we deem best to the Collegiate, in order to mediate health-related problems.

With this, we hope that students will feel comfortable addressing topics that they would not discuss or would not have the courage to discuss with the Coordination or supervisor, since there is no need for exposure.

We emphasize that our objective is to deal with cases in which the student has medical proof of their condition, which they will not be exposed to, and to ensure that communication takes place in the best possible way.

Until now, the Committee has coordinated with the supervisors, always supported by the Coordination, to the benefit of the students, who have managed to better establish themselves in the face of decisions always taken together.

The Students’ Wellness Committee, together with the Support Network – from the Student Representation – is one of the means that students should seek if they are suffering from any health problem.

These are difficult times, but we are not alone and we don’t need to be.



Mareana Barbosa (discente)