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ICAS BOOK PRIZE 2021 – menção honrosa

ICAS BOOK PRIZE 2021 – menção honrosa

O livro A arte romanesca do ator: Constantin Stanislavski na cultura do romance do prof. Henrique Guimarães recebeu menção honrosa no prêmio de livros ICAS 2021.

O comentário da Comissão julgadora foi o seguinte:

“This is a robust, careful and innovative book. Certainly one of the best written texts submitted to the ICAS-Sephis prize in 2021. The publication is a contribution to the history of theater and art in general. In order to advance in what he calls a cultural history of theatrical practices, Henrique Gusmão revisits the work of the Russian director Constantin Stanilavski, resuming his contributions to a movement to redefine the work of this actor and the kind of theater he represents, as the son of the modern novel in early 20th century. In addition to the field of theater, Gusmão’s erudition allows him to explore the influence of literature in the emergence of new, less conventional relations between the text and the scene. Although the field of studies on Asia in Anglophone, Germanophilic or Francophone contexts does not always include studies on Russia, the committee considered the unique quality of this work and its relevance to the field in Portuguese and Spanish.”

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